Data Collection

Data Collection over the Cyprus Airspace

UAP Cyprus collects information over the Cyprus airspace. The basic data collection is through optical cameras installed in two towns in Cyprus, which observe the sky over a 24h period, seven days a week.

Images are collected and recorded on a computer system, and specialized software analyses the video for unidentified objects. The installed software was acquired from the UFO Data Acquisition Project (UFODAP) whose objective is to enable UAP/UFO research through the deployment of advanced data collection technology. UFODAP applies current methods of science and technology to recognize, track and record anomalous objects while simultaneously collecting data from multiple sensors. Its goal is to expand a growing network of sensor systems to many hot spots around North America and the world.

Sky360 Station under construction

UAP Cyprus built the hardware and is ready to install the specialized software of Sky360 when ready.

Sky360 was founded in 2021 by a group of European astronomers, software developers and hardware engineers, as a non-profit NGO association, registered in Austria. Its vision is to develop hardware and software under Creative Commons License, to observe the skies in a continuous time basis, all over the globe; provide harmonized high-quality results and analysis – available to everybody; and provide global live sky situation awareness.