UFO/UAP Characteristics

oberth 1954.pdf

Lecture Notes on UFO Properties - by Herman Oberth, 1954. (Source)

“It is said that the English Air Marshall Lord Downing that there have been 10,000 (reports) by 1953…”

“The appearances are usually described as disks, sometimes as balls or ellipsoids...”

“Their speed is sometimes very high. 19 km/sec has been measured with wireless measuring instruments (radar). Accelerations are so high that no man could stand it; he would be pressed to the wall and bruised…”

Dr. J. Allen Hynek (left) and Dr. Jacques Vallée (right)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia 


Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s System of Classification of Close Encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects

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Luis Elizondo (Photo Credit: KRNO4)


Luis (Lue) Elizondo is the former director of the (now defunct) covert Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Thread Identification Program (AATIP), an outgrowth of a government future warfare project associated with billionaire UFO investigator Robert Bigelow. According to Elizondo, the mission of AATIP was to collect and analyze information on anomalous aerial vehicles or UFOs. A former senior military intelligence official with decades of experience in matters of U.S. national security and defense, Elizondo claims to have resigned from AATIP in 2017, in protest of the government’s "excessive secrecy and internal opposition." Elizondo and Christopher Mellon (former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) distributed to the press three declassified videos made by pilots from the United States Navy aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt between 2004 and 2015, known as the Pentagon UFO videos. A leading proponent of the Disclosure Project, Elizondo identifies the characteristics of a U.A.P. as:

TOP SECRET UFO PROJECTS - Interview with Pentagon Insider Christopher Mellon

The once third highest-ranking intelligence man in the Pentagon suspects that the U.S. has recovered and reverse-engineered crashed UFOs. Former senior intelligence official Christopher Mellon works behind the scenes to ensure that politicians are informed about UAP. Among others, he discusses UAP characteristics

Ray Stanford has photographed UFOs since the 1950s and offers many insights as to what the images reveal.