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12 April, 2024 

Christopher K. Mellon-@ChrisKMellon

AARO’s recent report on the history of the US government and UAP was perhaps the worst government report I've ever seen. Adding insult to injury, its findings were uncritically reported by the mainstream press. To help set the record straight, I consulted a group of UAP researchers and historians. I hope the resulting article will prove helpful to all concerned, including AARO itself: https://thedebrief.org/the-pentagons-new-uap-report-is-seriously-flawed/

10 April, 2024 

REALLY!?. with Tom and Dave - Mario Woods - Episode 38

Mario Woods is a former staff sergeant in the US Air Force security police. Mario served from 1975 to 1983, with a significant portion of his service spent at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

Mario provides context to Ellsworth AFB's pivotal role in the northern tier defense system during the Cold War, operating a vast arsenal of nuclear-tipped Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles. Amidst this historical backdrop, Mario unveils his role as a witness to the mysterious Ellsworth UFO case, offering intriguing insights into this enigmatic event.

6 April, 2024

Danny Sheehan on Disclosure and the Close Encounter Witnesses

Danny Sheehan talks about disclosure and what it means to close encounter witnesses. The one thing that almost nobody involved in the high levels of the disclosure process will talk about is close encounters. It's as if we witnesses don't exist. Danny Sheehan, almost alone among the politicians, officials and others who are guiding the process, is willing to open up to the close encounter community, say what he thinks and offer a real, practical vision for when and how close encounter witnesses can participate.

3 April, 2024

Robert Powell - UFOs: A Scientist Explains

Robert Powell discusses his new book, UFOs: A Scientist Explains What We Know (And Don’t Know)", and the existence of not just two videos, but five videos from 2015 of UFOs operating in the vicinity of the USS Roosevelt nuclear aircraft carrier.

Additionally, we'll be touching on implications of exoplanet discovery for the UAP phenomenon, the changing culture of mainstream science with relation to UFOs, the role of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, and what the AARO Historical Report missed - and how they can do better in the future.

Robert has a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and 28 years career experience in engineering management in the semiconductor industry, and helped Advanced Micro Devices develop its first flash memory technology. He's also managed state of the art chemistry labs & R&D groups, and is the co-holder of four patents related to nanotechnology.

31 March, 2024

Behind the Bay Doors of Area 51 - The Lazar UFO at S4 // 3D CGI Animation

Mac Mave Studios: Welcome to Area 51 - S4! We take you on a tour through the enigmatic S4 Hangar at Area 51, a location shrouded in mystery and steeped in extraterrestrial lore. But that’s not all. We also guide you through the Lazar S4 UFO, an otherworldly craft described in detail by the controversial figure, Bob Lazar.

Every detail you see in this video has been meticulously crafted in Cinema4D, based on the precise accounts of Bob Lazar. From the imposing structure of the S4 Hangar to the intricate design of the Lazar S4 UFO, each element has been brought to life with an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

31 March, 2024

Breaking Down The Recent UAP "Historical Record" Volume I Report

The Black Vault Originals: Shortly after the March 8, 2024, release of AARO's Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) – Volume 1 report, I created this video. However, before a proper export was done, The Black Vault's main computer crashed due to a catastrophic hardware failure. After weeks of hell, it's finally back online and hopefully here to stay. So, albeit late to the game, here is a full deep-dive breakdown of that UAP report. What can we learn? What was left out? And so much more...

26 March, 2024

SETI found ET - Prof Simon Holland 

SETI found ET, but did not tell you.  The SETI at home, crowdsource screensaver was used by 2 million people.  SETI claim there was no alien technology found.  In a NEW report, the data might have found 18 ET non-human sources of a technology in our galaxy.   Today millions of euros are being spent, in secret, to contact those ET planets.

Professor Simon investigates SETI and the secret signal.

22 March, 2024

UAP: Reporting and scientific assessment in the EU. Exchange of views in the European Parliament

MEP Francisco Guerreiro submitted a question to the European Commission and wanted to know whether there was also information about EAPs in the EU. The Commission's response revealed that no EU authority is dealing with this issue. However, it is known that several member states, such as Spain, Italy and France, have been conducting UAP research for decades. The event took place on 20/3/2024 in a relatively small conference room, which was attended by UAP researchers from several countries as well as a number of parliamentarians.

16 March, 2024

Unravelling the UFO issue w/ Danny Sheehan (whistleblowers, deathbed testimony, AARO report & more)

Danny Sheehan on UFOs, AARO's recent UAP report, Whistleblowers, Albert Stein's (Project Bluebook) deathbed testimony, Luis Elizondo, Sean Kirkpatrick, & much more... Daniel Sheehan is a Harvard trained attorney with close to 50 years of experience. He served as Legal Counsel to renowned Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack. After Harvard forced Dr. Mack to defend his controversial research into the alien abduction phenomenon, Daniel represented him and secured him his academic freedom to continue that work. Daniel has most recently served as General Counsel to UFO whistleblower Luis Elizondo, is the founder of the New Paradigm Institute, and is currently pushing hard for UFO disclosure.

15 March, 2024

Humanity Rising Day 831: UAP/UFO Reality and Implications III: Getting Inside the Cover-Up

One of a series of lectures intended to give a solid foundation to the study of UFOs/UAP. Here, Richard Dolan discusses the heavily corporate nature of the attempt to understand and replicate UAP technology. While doing so, he provides a breakdown of some of the more likely revolutionary scientific developments that research into this matter has led to. Some of this is speculative, but all of it is based on real science and genuine leads. The picture that comes through is one of immense hidden scientific value, power and (as always) money.

15 March, 2024 

An excellent new article, with many references within, that identifies several shortcomings in the government's recent historical report on UAP. https://thehill.com/opinion/technology/4526160-pentagons-flawed-ufo-report-demands-congressional-action/

13 March, 2024

Members of Congress request access to "all material and information ... relating to non-earth origin or exotic UAP material."

In a letter obtained by Adj. Pr Matt Laslo for Ask A Pol, new information has come to light regarding initiatives by elected US officials to establish an independent investigative body on UAP.

13 March, 2024

AARO Report & National Security State Deceptions | Richard Dolan Show

Richard Dolan critically examines the recent report issued by the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). He delves into the historical overview of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), also known as UFOs, and questions the transparency and honesty of the ruling establishment. He scrutinizes the report's claims, its lack of substantial evidence, and its misrepresentation of historical studies. Dolan also discusses intriguing developments such as the metamaterial artifact and the testimonies of insiders about crash retrievals. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the truth behind UAPs and the ongoing battle within the national security establishment.

12 March, 2024

Craft retrieval photos disprove AARO UAP report: Pentagon Papers lawyer | Reality Check

NewsNation’s Ross Coulthart questions whether the Pentagon’s newly released report on UAPs reflects the truth, saying it is part of a “cover-up” that unconstitutionally misleads the public and denies the existence of a covert retrieval program alleged by whistleblower David Grusch.

Coulthart is joined by former Pentagon Papers attorney Daniel Sheehan, who says he was shown photos from the Project Blue Book archives of what he believes were non-human craft being recovered by the U.S. military while investigating UAPs under the Carter administration.

10 March, 2024

Dr. Garry Nolan & Ross Coulthart Expose Pentagon UFO Report

Stanford Professor Dr. Garry Nolan and @NewsNation investigative reporter Ross Coulthart respond to The Pentagon Historical AARO UFO UAP Report, plus Matt reveals exclusive information on why David Grusch did not testify to AARO, and what the public doesn't know about Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick and his incompetent leadership of AARO.

A deep dive is taken into what AARO's true powers are and how Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick's leadership of AARO failed the American people and either accidentally or purposefully played into The Pentagon's plans to cover up involvement.

9 March, 2024

Eglin Air Force Base UFO Event Officially CONFIRMED

Patrick discusses the confirmation of an Eglin Air Force Base UFO Event that was CONFIRMED through FOIA (Original Source Below). Rep. Matt Gaetz initially spoke about this event last July at the infamous July 2023 UAP Congressional Hearing. Also discussed is an eye-opening exchange between John Greenewald Jr. and Mick West about this event. Finally, a clip is presented with  Jeremy Corbell and Dave Foley discussing their UFO sighting with some striking similarities.

9 March, 2024

Ross Coulthart: Pentagon UFO report is 'feeble attempt' at a cover-up | Vargas Reports

Journalist Ross Coulthart, who first interviewed David Grusch about his claims of a UFO retrieval program, joined NewsNation to talk about a new report in which the Pentagon denied extraterrestrial craft or aliens exist. Coulthart said the attempt to stop people from talking about UFOs makes the Pentagon look ridiculous.

8 March, 2024

AARO report: Most UAP sightings misidentification of ‘ordinary objects’ | NewsNation Live

A report by the Department of Defense office tasked with investigating UAPs says it has not discovered any empirical evidence that UFO sightings have not been properly reported to Congress.

AARO Report

3 March, 2024

The Canadian government's top scientific advisor says her office will release a public UFO report by early fall.

Speaking to lawmakers in Ottawa this week, Mona Nemer also said that more can be done to make UFO information available to Canadians.

29 February, 2024 

Professor Michio Kaku & Ross Coultart interview IN FULL | UFO UAP News

The world is continuing to learn more about the UFO UAP phenomenon. Here, veteran investigative journalist Ross Coulthart sits down for an extended interview with renowned quantum physicist Professor Michio Kaku for an eye-opening discussion.

This interview was recorded in June 2022. Portions of it have aired in our Need To Know documentary, as we all as our UFO UAP special.

David Adair: Early Years of an Amazing Life!

David's earlier life experiences led him to create the world's fastest rocket at age 17, leading him to Area 51, leading him to an entity in an Alien Power Plant named Pitholem.  David became what Pitholem called a "lifeboat", allowing her consciousness and memories to leave Area 51 undetected, merged with him.

David read technical books as a child, worked on car engines, developing new technology.  His knowledge about the car engines and improvements led him to use a well stocked shop to design in as a young boy.   Many of his designs were used for what became NASCAR. 

As David started to create rockets and learn about them, he had ongoing dreams that contained advanced mathematical formulas. The formulas were discovered by General Curtis LaMay, who eventually helped David to create in his own retrofitted, well supplied modern shop.   In addition to creating the worlds fastest rocket, the formulas led to David meeting and advising Stephen Hawking, and the many awards he won led him to meet Viola Armstrong.

This video covers these stories, leading up to the time David met Pitholem at Area 51.  Pitholem led David to her, supplying him with opportunities and help as he needed it at each stage of his life!

15 February, 2024 

David Adair: What Happened at Area 51? Part 2 Interview

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the brilliant mind of David Adair, a man who seamlessly combines intelligence with a hands-on approach to invention. This video starts with David at age 17, when he began crafting the world's fastest rocket, which flew at mock 37—a record that endures to this day. The narrative takes a suspenseful turn as David faces challenges from a former Nazi at Area 51, forcing him to make the tough choice of destroying his own rocket to safeguard both the technology and potentially countless lives. The intrigue deepens as David explores Area 51, where he encounters the mysterious Alien Power Plant, Pitholem. A survivor from an ancient crew stranded on Earth, Pitholem, who is a staggering 13.5 billion years old, becomes an integral part of David's life. Their connection appears to be more than mere coincidence, with Pitholem seemingly offering him an added layer of protection and connections. The belief is that she has played a crucial role in guiding him away from potential dangers. David's life unfolds like a gripping sci-fi tale, with each twist and turn revealing not only his scientific accomplishments but also the inexplicable encounters that have shaped his destiny. Join us on this riveting exploration of David Adair's journey, where invention, intrigue, and the unknown converge in a truly captivating story.

12 February, 2024 

The Sol Foundation (A series of videos of their first Symposium)

The Sol Foundation brings together experts from academia and government to address the philosophical, policy, and scientific problems raised by the likely presence on the Earth of UAP. 

The Sol Foundation

Kevin Knuth on The Physics of UAP

Kevin Knuth, Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Albany, examines the physics of UAP and the clues about their detection, monitoring, and engineering.

12 February, 2024 

Richard Dolan. Managing Conspiracy Theories: How the CIA Created the Term.

More than ever, we hear about conspiracy theories and how "harmful" they are to you. Now the major political and corporate entities are seeking to protect you from harmful thinking brought on by conspiracy theories. Sure, why not. Of course, it's helpful to know that the very phrase "conspiracy theorist" was used back in 1967 in a classified CIA dispatch providing instructions on how to manipulate and manage public opinion. This appears to be how the phrase wormed its way into our public discourse. Does that make this a conspiracy theory?

30 January, 2024 

Space Force Technologies - Steven L. Kwast, ret. USAF General

Spaceforce, Steven L. Kwast USAF General: “We have tech, today, that can take you from anywhere on Earth, to anywhere else, in an hour…”

30 January, 2024 

Gordon Cooper, US astronaut, saw a UFO fleet, landing footage & sent a letter to the UN about the phenomenon

0:00 UFOs over Germany, 1951. 0:35 UFO landing at Edwards AFB, May 3, 1957. 3:04 Gordon Cooper's letter to the United Nations, November 9, 1978.

30 January, 2024 

Diana W. Pasulka - Encounters - Part Two || That UFO Podcast

CHAPTERS 00:00:00 Start 00:00:09 Welcome 00:00:17 David Grusch / Does your work support his claims? 00:01:31 Human ET creation ideas / Prometheus 00:03:55 Earth as a battleground for ET / ET species & groups in conflict with each other 00:07:10 How would we interact with another non-human intelligence on another planet? 00:11:15 Is Disclosure a good idea for humanity? 00:12:10 Life goes on after disclosure 00:15:00 What would Diana do if she saw a ball of light? / Avoiding Orbs 00:19:49 Does the phenomenon co-exist with us? 00:21:09 The Making of 2001: A Space Odysey 00:21:49 Similarities between human effects from UAP vs effects from Angels etc 00:23:57 'Craft' vs other terms for objects in the sky 00:25:04 Could the Others be at arms length due to potential infection? 00:26:08 Creating an audiobook for Audible / Diana reads the book herself! 00:28:04 Will the identity of The Grey Man be revealed in the future? 00:28:57 The Sol Foundation 00:30:52 Getting a copy of Encounters / Following Diana's work 00:32:21 Outro (Sean Cahill - Goblin Problems)

26 January, 2024 

Diana W. Pasulka - Encounters - Part One || That UFO Podcast

Andy is joined by author, researcher & Professor of Religious Studies, Diana Walsh Pasulka in a PACKED interview: CHAPTERS 00:00:00 Start 00:00:09 Welcome 00:01:01 What was the Inspiration for your new book, Encounters? 00:03:44 Diana's personal 'Disclosure' 00:07:09 Diana's process for discerning genuine experiences 00:12:31 Have you ever felt like someone has given you disinformation? 00:17:55 Religions and non-human intelligence 00:23:57 Looking back on this era of UFO research in 2000 years 00:30:52 Appreciating intelligences around us / Order of the Dolphin 00:34:12 Vatican Archives 00:40:29 Compelling things Diana left out of the book 00:41:54 Pseudonyms / Grey Man 00:45:27 Greek Gods 'have never left' / Angels & Demons 00:49:08 Repeating Symbols / Syncronicity 00:56:38 "This Greek God thing is pretty interesting, that Tom DeLonge

knows..." / Latin & Ritual 01:00:07 Common themes in your work that are overlooked by the community 01:03:10 Outro (Sean Cahill - Goblin Problems)

26 January, 2024 

Rep Andy Ogles discusses the UAP Topic!

Interview with Congressman Andy Ogles who proudly represents the 5th District of Tennessee.

We cover his interest in the UAP topic, where we are, and where we are going.

24 January, 2024 

Mystery Objects and the Donald Menzel Conspiracy | Richard Dolan Show w/Dr. Beatriz Villarroel

Appearing on the Richard Dolan Show is Dr. Beatriz Villarroel, a leading astrophysicist at the Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics, Stockholm University. Dr. Villarroel holds a PhD in Astronomy and a Masters in Physics from Uppsala University. Villarroel is deeply involved in the VASCO project, studying vanishing and appearing celestial sources over a century of observations. Dr. Villarroel discusses the discovery of anomalous astronomical plates from pre-1957, prior to the era of manmade, artificial satellites. Specifically, she highlights plates from 1950 and 1952 which depict unusual star-like objects that appear and vanish within a very short time frame. These anomalies were found in images from the 12th of April, 1950, the 19th of July, 1952, and the 27th of July 1952 – the last two dates coinciding with the Washington DC UFO flap, a significant overflight of unknown objects over the US capital. However, Dr. Villaroelle also noted that coincident with these anomalies was the destruction of a substantial portion of the Harvard Observatory’s plate collection under the orders of then-director Dr. Donald Menzel. Not only this, but 1953 saw the beginning of the infamous “Menzel Gap,” an extended period during which Harvard ceased collecting new astronomical data, leading to a gap in the historical record of modern astronomy.

23 January, 2024 

UFO Coverup: The Wikipedia Secret Cabal

Researcher Rob Heatherly joins us in exposing the evidence of a UFO coverup we never expected, a well-organized secret cabal of debunker editors organized by a California-based 501c3 Non-Profit who are rewriting what you see about UFOs on Wikipedia. We expose the targeting of Wikipedia pages of Pentagon whistleblowers Lue Elizondo and David Grusch, journalists Ross Coulthart and George Knapp, and academic scientists such as Dr. Garry Nolan...the list goes on! With Wikipedia being the 7th most visited website in the world, viewers new to the topic of UFOs / UAPs are being shown a biased view of the subject.

23 January, 2024 

Marine confirms “Jellyfish UAP” video legit - Chandelier image

I covered new UFO videos - the "jellyfish" and "chandelier" footage. The jellyfish video was located to an Iraq airbase, probably filmed from an aerostat balloon. Reports of it underwater for 15+ minutes are strange if true. The chandelier image has a missile-like diffraction pattern yet puzzles intelligence staff.

18 January, 2024 

Congressman Robert Garcia on New bipartisan UAP bill, for Safe Airspace

New bipartisan UAP bill, the Safe Airspace for Americans Act, ensures aviation personnel can report UAP encounters or sightings safely to the FAA without fear of retaliation. It’s a big step forward for transparency and disclosure.

17 January, 2024 

Ep. 1918 Daniel Sheehan: Disclosure and the State

FADE to BLACK: Daniel Sheehan is back to talk about UFOs, ET and the National Security State: The Present State of Disclosure.

16 January, 2024 

What did they say in the SCIF?

What did members of Congress talk about in the Classified UFO briefing on 1/12/2024!?!

I try to read in between the lines and connect the dots!

16 January, 2024 

WEAPONIZED : EPISODE #47 : THE "JELLYFISH" UFO - How It Happened & What It Means

In this episode of WEAPONIZED, Jeremy and George reveal details about how and when they obtained a video of the sensational Jellyfish UFO, what steps were taken to try and discern what it might be, and also respond to spurious attempts to explain away the jellyfish UFO as something other than a legitimate UAP. That Jellyfish video exploded onto the UFO scene days ago and has now been viewed by millions of people around the world. Included in this episode are comments from one of the military personnel who was present at the base soon after the incident.

15 January, 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Captain Ray Bowyer on his SHOCKING Encounter w/ MASSIVE UFOs, Alderney 2007 | UFO / UAP

Ray Bowyer is a former commercial pilot who had a famous UFO / UAP encounter in 2007 in Class-A Controlled Airspace, near Alderney in the Channel Islands. The UFOs, which each could have been up to a mile-wide, were witnessed by multiple people and were caught on radar. Ray’s experience was detailed in his own words in Leslie Kean’s book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record.” In this interview we discuss Ray’s UAP encounter in depth.

Official ATC Recording of Pilot’s UFO Encounter: Captain Ray Bowyer (2 MASSIVE UFOs)

This is the official audio recording of Captain Ray Bowyer’s communications with Air Traffic Control (ATC) during and after his famous UAP incident that took place near Alderney in the Channel Islands on 23rd April 2007. This is one of the most corroborated and compelling UFO incidents ever: it was confirmed by two pilots in separate aircraft, passengers in one of the aircraft, radar, and witnesses on the ground. The event was highlighted in Leslie Kean’s book ‘UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record’.

15 January, 2024

Lockheed's SECRET UFO crash retrieval program EXPOSED by whistleblower | Redacted w Clayton Morris

Does Lockheed Martin have its own Alien Recovery Team? Yes you heard me right... a team that gets a phone call and goes out and recovers downed UFO's? A whistleblower at Lockheed Martin has come forward to our next guest with the stunning details about a Lockheeds secret alien recovery program.

14 January, 2024

Inside the Veil: Congress Mandates the U.S. Government's UFO Disclosure Program with Daniel Sheehan

In this compelling episode, podcast host Tony Sweet sits down with the renowned Daniel Sheehan, a pivotal figure in the discourse surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena. Daniel shares his insights from his recent appearance at the Conscious Life Expo, delving into the intriguing subject of UFOs. The conversation focuses on the recent developments in "UFO Disclosure Update: On the US Government Controlled Disclosure Program ordered by Congress", shedding light on the government's role and the implications of this mandated disclosure. This episode offers a deep dive into the mysteries of UFOs, government transparency, and what it means for our understanding of the unknown. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion that bridges the gap between skepticism and belief in the extraterrestrial realm.

19 January, 2024

Congresspeople Shocked after Classified UAP Briefing

After a classified briefing with the Inspector General, members of Congress came away frustrated by the lack of transparency and stonewalling by intelligence agencies regarding UFO/UAP information. However, some congressmembers hinted they received information verifying certain claims made by whistleblowers about retrieved materials and non-human entities. There appears to be an effort to conceal information from Congress and the public, leading to calls for more hearings and testimony to get to the bottom of things. Overall, the briefing provided some validation but also raised more questions that require further investigation.

14 January, 2024

The House Oversight Committee UAP briefing with the Intelligence Community Inspector General

Jeremy Corbell was told what was discussed in the House Oversight Committee UAP briefing with the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

“There was validation of [Grusch’s] specific claims about UFOs when it came to… what he did in Congress.” 

11 January, 2024

Jeremy Corbell Releases NEW ‘Jellyfish' UFO Video 

FASCINATING new UFO video, dubbed the "Jellyfish UFO", released by Jeremy Corbell in a TMZ special streaming on TUBI

10 January, 2024

WEAPONIZED : EPISODE #46 : The History Of UFO Disclosure - Can The Public Handle The Truth?

Despite remarkable events of the past six years, the UFO public is impatient when it comes to truth and disclosure. When do we get to see the craft and bodies? Where is the real evidence? Will more whistleblowers come forward? Esteemed historian Richard Dolan has heard these demands before. His meticulously researched books about the complicated politics surrounding UFO truth, including the heavy-handed tactics used by intelligence agencies, the DOD, and defense contractors, are widely regarded as the most comprehensive and accurate accounts of all time. What does Dolan make of recent whistleblower revelations, strident statements by members of Congress, and renewed interest within academic circles? In this far-reaching conversation, Jeremy and George ask Dolan about current events compared to previous periods in American history, about the global nature of UFO incidents, and about how the public might handle UFO disclosure IF the truth turns out to be far darker than we might imagine.

8 January, 2024

Preparing for Disclosure: Live Stream Event with Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan is author of The People's Advocate: The Life and Legal History of America's Most Fearless Public Interest Lawyer. For the last half century, he has been involved in some of the most famous public legal cases (such as the New York Times publication of the Pentagon Papers). During the period, he has also been active in the community seeking public disclosure of government secrets regarding UFOs – and has also provided legal representation for public figures in the UFO field, such as Dr. John Mack at Harvard University. He is founder of the New Paradigm Institute. His website is https://newparadigmproject.org.

6 January, 2024

Former Air Traffic Controller Exposes Secrets to Spotting UFOs

New interview with retired air traffic controller Lincoln Lounsbury on spotting and capturing UAPs/UFOs. Lincoln shares his background as an air traffic controller and how he first got interested in the UFO topic. He recounts his own personal sighting of two cylindrical craft circling each other overhead. He provides techniques for how to spot and capture UAPs/UFOs on video using just a cell phone camera: Lay your phone flat on a surface pointed straight up at the sky with some cloud cover Record video for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute Look for fast moving black streaks which may indicate a fast moving object Slow down and zoom in during video analysis Use infrared blocking 3D glasses over your camera lens to enable infrared capture Lincoln also discusses his over 20 years of experience with remote viewing and making predictions on sporting events with high accuracy. He recounts an experience remote viewing on Mars and having a telepathic exchange with a being there. Overall, an insightful interview on how to spot and capture UFOs/UAPs as an amateur using simple techniques and equipment.

2 January, 2024

Dr. Brown: Pushing UFO Disclosure with New Photography

Dr. Courtney Brown, uses specialized cameras to capture UFOs invisible to the naked eye. Using Panasonic Lumix GH6 cameras modified to shoot infrared video at 120 frames per second, he slows down and enhances the footage to reveal fast-moving UFOs in various configurations. Dr. Brown aims to promote amateur UFO photography to accumulate more photographic proof rather than relying on disputed images. He argues skeptics can only be convinced by trying it themselves, and provides guidance on his website. Dr. Brown believes we're in an important UFO disclosure period with officials finally acknowledging the phenomenon publicly. Capturing more proof can push public acceptance at a time when academia shuns this research. The key points are using specialized infrared cameras to reveal invisible UFOs, promoting more UFO photography for proof, and pushing public acceptance now that officials are disclosing the UFO reality.

2 January, 2024

UFO Spotted by TOP GUN Pilot with Instructor Jack Stewart | Mike Drop #168 Clip

Wait a minute, ALIENS? It might sound far fetched, but TOP GUN Fighter Pilot Instructor Jack Stewart isn't so sure. In this exclusive clip from Episode 168 of Mike Drop, Jack weighs in on whether or not he's seen any little green men (or UFO's) - and whether or not he's ever reported on it.

2 January, 2024

UFO Fastwalker Captured Alien Metamaterials Recovered at SECRET Archaeological Dig in Nevada. 

Was Bob Lazar UFO Fastwalker Captured Metamaterials Recovered at SECRET Archaeological Dig in Nevada at Bob Bigelow site called Mt Wilson Ranch? https://linktr.ee/carlvibe https://linktr.ee/mountwilson. The Wilson Davis Memo featured on Joe Rogan with Bob Lazar, and Jeremy Corbell, is a document tied directly to UFO crash retrievals in the 1940s with Eric Davis, Hal Puthoff, Bob Bigelow, and others who now are part of David Grusch UFO Whistleblower Hearings before Congress. Eric Davis, Bob Bigelow, Jacques Vallee, Tim Rynne, Colm Kelleher, and the top UFO researcher may have obtained the UFO metamaterial at Mt Wilson Ranch Nevada during a covert archeology dig after MK Ultra and part of the Star Wars program.

2 January, 2024

Dr. Greer’s 2023 Year in Review, and the State of Disclosure

𝗧𝗼 𝘁𝗿𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝗲𝘅𝗽𝗹𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸 𝗯𝘆 𝗗𝗿. 𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗿, 𝗯𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗮 𝗖𝗘𝟱 𝗔𝗺𝗯𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗱𝗼𝗿: https://drstevengreer.info/ce5membership 

Dr. Greer has created the ultimate membership platform. Within this portal, you can discover the work of Dr. Greer, research papers, energy projects, all the way through to his blockbuster movies.